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Ceres Dictionary of astronomy, letter C Ceres is the largest of the Asteroids or small planets and the first to have been discovered, by Giuseppe Piazzi, director of the astronomical observatory of Palermo, on January 1, 1801. It has a diameter of 1,000 km and complete a round around the Sun every 4.6 years, at an average distance of 413.
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Great Magellanic Cloud. Shows in the Universe

The brightest galaxy from our Milky Way is the Great Magellan (GNM). It is predominantly visible from the southern hemisphere, the GNM is the second nearest and neighboring galaxy of the Small Magellanic Cloud and is one of the eleven known dwarf galaxies that orbit our Milky Way. The GNM is an irregular galaxy composed of a bar of old and red stars, clouds of young stars and a bright region of formation that is visible at the top of this image called the Tarantula Nebula.
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