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Venice clock. Astronomy and thought

Venice clock. Astronomy and thought

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It is considered one of the most beautiful astronomical clocks in the world, and is located in St. Mark's Square in Venice, in Italy. To be more exact, it is located in the so-called Torre dell'Orologio, better known as the Tower of the Moors, and is an astronomical clock made when defending the geocentrism system.

The astronomical clock of Venice was built by Gian Paulo and Gian Carlo Rainieri, father and son respectively, between 1496 and 1499. It has been restored several times, but always respecting the thinking of the astronomers of the time.

In the astronomical clock of Venice the hours appear in Roman numerals, and go from I to XXIV. They are located on the outer dial of the watch, while on the inner dial, blue, the signs of the zodiac are shown. The section in which the signs are located is not static, as it moves to show which sign of the zodiac the Sun is at each moment. In the inner sphere the names of the months are included.

The astronomical clock in Venice also has a small disk that marks the moon phases. In the center of everything the Earth is represented, on which everything revolves in the astronomical system of this medieval clock.

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