Cosmic (Rays)

Cosmic (Rays)

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The cosmics rays they are atomic particles that reach Earth from space and whose origin, although not yet perfectly determined, can be found in the activity of stars and stellar objects.

About 90 percent of the cosmic rays are formed by hydrogen nuclei, that is, protons; 9 per 10 of helium nuclei, or alpha particles, as they are usually called helium nuclei; and just 1 percent of cores of other elements.

Free electron flows, with high energy, mixed with that type of particles, are also classified as cosmic rays. Its main characteristics are: the high speeds at which they travel in space close to those of light, and the high energy of which they are endowed.

Some scholars share the hypothesis that the great extinctions that occurred on Earth between the Cretaceous and the Tertiary, about 65 million years ago, were caused by the explosion of a nearby supernova that launched a deadly flow of cosmic rays towards Earth. This event could be due to the disappearance of dinosaurs.

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