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Geophysics is the science that applies physical principles to the study of the Earth.

Geophysicists examine natural phenomena and their relationships within the Earth's interior. Among them are the earth's magnetic field, heat fluxes, the propagation of seismic waves and the force of gravity.

Geophysics, taken in a broad sense, also studies the extraterrestrial phenomena that influence the Earth, sometimes in a subtle way, and the manifestations of cosmic radiation and solar wind.

The subdivision of the broad topic of geophysics into several branches requires the classification of the different tasks. However, in a strict sense, this discipline covers all fields dedicated to the investigation of the interior of the Earth, its hydrosphere and its atmosphere, including phenomena such as gravity, electricity and Earth's magnetism.

By extension, it is also often called geophysics when applied to bodies other than the earth, since the acceptance of terms such as "heliophysics" or "selenophysics" is still doubtful.

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