Astronomy Glossary

Astronomy Glossary

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A glossary (from the Latin "glossarium") is a catalog of words from the same discipline or from the same field of study (in this case, astronomy and related fields), with definition or explanation of each of them.

In principle, dictionaries should include them all; the glossaries ... too, or approach. Our particular dictionary aims to be more didactic or cultural than anything else, although it does not give up feeling complete.

We have built this glossary, initially, with more than 600 words, phrases, expressions and terms about astronomy. Soon it will expand. At the moment, it contains few definitions related to geology since this topic is the last one incorporated into the site, still under development. While the AstroMía sections are built or expanded, many words and terms will appear to be included in the dictionary.

Although many other words are missing, users of the site can make their contributions on astronomy, physical geography, astronautics, astronomy history ... by contacting us.

The dictionary can be used in two ways: by accessing the initial of the word searched in the list of letters which is under these lines (and on all pages) or, somewhat below or at the top of the page, by typing the term in the search box.