Furthest galaxy. Astronomical digital images

Furthest galaxy. Astronomical digital images

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What is the farthest known galaxy? The answer keeps changing as astronomers compete to find galaxies that top the list. Who currently maintains the new brand imposed is the weak spot indicated in these images taken by a Very Large Telescope (VLT) of 8.2 meters operating in Chile.

The detected light left this galaxy 13.2 billion years ago, long before the Earth formed, when the universe was no more than 3 percent of its current age. Astronomers have estimated a redshift of 10 for this galaxy, the first time a two-digit measurement is given for a galaxy.

Young galaxies are of great interest to astronomers since there are many unanswered questions about when and how galaxies formed in the young universe. The redshift also gives valuable information about the surroundings of the galaxies at the end of the dark age of the universe. Although the distance to this galaxy exceeds even that of the farthest known quasar, it is still closer than the penetrating bright gas currently assumed to be microwave cosmic background radiation.

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